Landfill Leachate Waste Removal

Leachate waste is a liquid that is produced when water percolates through waste in landfill sites and reacts with the decomposing materials. The risk to public health and the environment from the micro-organisms and toxic substances (including ammonia and nitrogen) that can be found in leachate are high.

Andersons Waste Management Ltd can remove landfill leachate waste and transport it to a licensed disposal point Usually our own Andersons Waste Treatment Plant Ltd where we can treat the waste.

We operate our own fleet of vacuum tankers ranging from 2000-gallon size to 6000-gallon articulated size which are all equipped with barrel capacities that can cope with any volume of leachate waste.

Leachate removal

We also offer self and container storage at our Avonmouth site

Andersons Storage

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