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Treatment Plant

To keep your sewage treatment plant functioning exactly as it should, you need the support of Andersons Waste Management Ltd to remove the sludge that accumulates naturally over time.

Andersons Waste Management Ltd empty small, medium and large sewage treatment plants for customers who want the reassurance of a professional, speedy service that doesn’t cost the earth.

We recommend that you empty your sewage treatment plant at least every six to twelve months to remove the sludge and that you schedule regular servicing to keep all the mechanical and electrical components in the plant in good working condition.

We can also arrange servicing, maintenance and replacement parts should your system break down.

treatment plant

At Andersons Waste Management Ltd, we have the right expertise and experience in dealing with the treatment of sewage where there is no connection to mains sewers. We are accredited installers for Klargester Kingspan. One of the most important decisions is to choose the most suitable sewage treatment plant for your property. There are many factors to be taken into account, including any potential environmental impact and current legislation.

Sewage treatment plants are compact, self-contained, single piece treatment plants that utilise natural biological processes to effectively breakdown the domestic wastewater.

Sewage treatment plants are used where the discharge is close to a watercourse or poor soil conditions limit the use of a soakaway installation.

Within the plant, the sewage is treated to achieve the standards required by the Environment Agency for effluent discharge to a watercourse. They are designed to be installed below ground with only the lids visible.

Plant Inspections

Andersons Waste Management Ltd have been carrying out visual inspections and repairs to septic tanks, cesspits and treatment plants for many years.

Visual inspections are very important as they give you confidence that your system is in perfect working order and that the current system will comply with the new regulations.

It is a good idea should you be buying a property on a private sewage system to get it checked out before purchase.

We offer a visual inspection service to check the condition of the system and advise if any problems exist before purchasing the property.

We can then give an idea on cost to resolve any problems if any are found.

Sewage Treatment Plants – How They Work

Central to the operation of each unit (shown below) is the Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC), which supports a biologically active film or biomass on to which aerobic micro-organisms, naturally found in sewage, become established. Natural breakdown of sewage can then occur as described below.

Waste water and sewage flow into the primary settlement zone where solids are settled out and retained. This accumulated sludge should be drawn out periodically. Partially clarified liquor containing fine suspended solids flows upwards into the first stage Biozone for breaking down by micro-organisms on the RBC. Suspended solids return to the primary settlement zone and the liquor is transferred to the second stage Biozone for further treatment.

Any solids remaining are settled out in the final settlement tank. The very high effluent quality is discharged to a watercourse. The RBC comprises banks of vacuum formed polypropylene media supported by a steel shaft. This is slowly rotated by a low energy consumption electric motor and drive assembly.

Sewage Treatment Plant

treatment plant

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