Septic Tank and Cesspool Emptying

If you have a septic tank, Treatment Plant or cesspool at your premises, you need to be aware that it needs to be emptied on a regular basis. Most empties are done on a yearly basis (as recommended by The Environment Agency). This can help reduce the risk of overflowing tanks, blockages, soak-away problems and sometimes smells!

Often sewage systems need emptying more frequently as there could be problems associated with soakaway systems etc.

Private drainage systems i.e. septic tanks, Treatment Plants cesspools etc, are commonly found in rural areas that can often be hard to reach, However Andersons Waste Management Ltd have various size vehicles to accommodate most domestic properties.

We offer a fast, friendly, professional and reliable service for customers who depend on our services to help with problems associated with private drainage. Some customers simply need advice from the experts in domestic sewage collections and sewage systems.

We can set up your specific dates of emptying required and call you a week prior to our visit, i.e. yearly or 6-monthly empties on our special reminder scheme.

We can also take group or neighbourly bookings, contact us for more information.

Septic Tank, Treatment Plant And Cesspit Installations

We have over 40 years’ experience within the drainage industry and have installed many new systems at both private and commercial premises.

Our experts will visit your premises and ascertain the right system for your needs taking into account the amount of bedrooms and people living in the household etc.

We offer free consultations and quotations upon request and subsequent site visit.

All our installations are carried out by our own work force.

There is new legislation regarding the discharge of septic tanks, please refer to the Environment Agency website for information to see if your current waste system complies. You may wish to consider other options if you discharge illegally i.e. a packaged sewage treatment plant.

We are now approved installers for Klargester.

Septic Tanks & Soakaways – Inspections & Repairs

We have been carrying out visual inspections and repairs to septic tanks, cesspits and treatment plants to keep them in perfect working order. It is a good idea should you be buying a property on a private sewage system to get it checked out. We offer a visual inspection service to check the condition of the system, and if it will meet the new legislation and also advise if any problems exist before purchase.

We can also carry out replacement of inspection chamber covers, deal with electrical faults or pump failures. Our highly skilled operatives will also identify potential issues such as blocked pipes and soakaways, so we can resolve them before they really become a problem.

We can also help you identify problem areas by conducting CCTV surveys to investigate problems with drainage conditions.

We also install or divert soak-away systems should your existing system fail. Percolation tests will be required to test suitability of ground conditions for discharge.

Septic Tanks – How They Work

A septic tank is a form of holding chamber utilising a form of internal construction to slow down the flow through the tank unit.

The outlet from the septic tank often leads to a soakaway system below the ground surface and usually filtrates the excess water from the septic tank into the ground.

The diagram below shows a traditional septic tank having just one chamber with inlet and outlet T pipes.

This is the simplest form of septic tank and works as follows:
  • All waste water and sewage waste from the house enters via the inlet T pipe and discharges to the lower of the tank.
  • Gravity pulls the solids in the sewage to the base and via anaerobic biological action, a scum layer can form on the surface.
  • Effluent with very low solid content leaves via the outlet T pipe. This can then enter a second or third chamber and then leads to the soak away discharge point.
  • The basic principle is to remove as much of the solid content from the final effluent as possible.

We also offer self and container storage at our Avonmouth site

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