Interceptor Installations

Andersons Drainage Solutions Ltd can install new oil and water interceptors or replace old interceptors.

A well-maintained oil interceptor / separator is used to remove petrol, diesel and oil from surface water entering in from forecourts, car parks, wash bays, factories etc.

When you set up your site, decide how you will deal with run-off from car parks, storage areas and vehicle wash down areas. You may need to channel run-off from your site to more than one method of treatment.


For example, if you use detergent to wash vehicles in a car park or vehicle wash down area the detergent will emulsify any oil in the water and can make an oil separator ineffective.

We can arrange a meeting on site to give our opinion on what size interceptor / separator your site will need to cope with the volume of water that will pass through it. If the flow of water is too fast, then it will pass through the system without the correct separation having taken place
You may need to install a storage tank to regulate the flow of water through your separator.

We can assess your specific needs and provide a suitable solution to resolve the problem.

Interceptor Maintenance

We can handle all sorts of interceptors, pits and gullies and advise on the most cost effective ways to empty and clean them.
For deep cleaning we can also use high pressure jetting equipment, for heavy sludge waste.

The build up of oil, silt and debris within an interceptor increases the risk of flooding along with the risk of hydrocarbons contaminating the sewerage system or watercourse.

To prevent overflow and contamination of the drainage system and to maintain the interceptor at optimal operating efficiency. We recommend 6 monthly servicing for most interceptors.

Andersons Waste Management Ltd are trained to undertake all related tasks to the highest standards. We only use licensed disposal facilities ensuring your duty of care obligations are met with waste transferred on Hazardous Waste Consignment notes in accordance with Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 where applicable.

On some occasions interceptors need a good clean through and this can be done with our tankers and jetting crew whom high-pressure water jet to clean the inside.

Grease Trap / Separator Installations

Grease traps are an effective and hygienic method of separating fat and grease from waste water flow. Grease traps greatly reduce incidents of blocked drains from smaller catering establishments, public houses, canteens etc. which can be caused by excess build up of fats/grease in the drainage system. They improve the performance of septic tanks and field drains and can prevent contamination of small sewage treatment plants.

Grease separators are used for applications such as larger restaurants, hotels, etc. where additional volume is required.

Operation & Installation

Traps and separators allow fats and grease to naturally separate out from water, allowing their removal prior to the waste water reaching the drainage system. The trap or separator should be installed close to the source of contamination before any foul waste can enter the drainage flow and to suit the expected liquid temperature.

We can visit you at your premises and give you advice on the size and type of system that will suit your needs and give a quotation to supply and install the new grease trap/separator.

Grease Trap / Separator Emptying

Most pubs, hotels, restaurants, commercial kitchens, catering companies and food processing companies depend on grease traps to prevent fats and grease waste from entering, causing blockages and clogging up the drainage systems.

Don’t risk blocked drains or contamination of your treatment plant and drainage system. Trust the experts in industrial and commercial waste services. Andersons Waste Management Ltd can arrange a regular grease trap emptying service for commercial customers.

We can also high-pressure water jet through, in conjunction with our tankers to clean.

We also offer self and container storage at our Avonmouth site

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