Commercial Sewage Collection – Thekla Night Club Bristol Harbour

Commercial Sewage Collection – Thekla Night Club Bristol Harbour

When dealing with commercial sewage management, many businesses can encounter unique challenges, especially when lacking direct connections to a sewer system. This lack of sewage connection prompts the need for sewage removal and treatment. Some establishments opt for on-site tanks, while others, connected to the sewer, rely on functional pumps. However, pump breakdowns can lead to sewage accumulation, as demonstrated in our recent case study.

Andersons Commercial Liquid Waste Management Helps Thekla

Bristol's Thekla music venue and nightclub, a converted boat with a capacity of 400, faced a sewage crisis due to a pump malfunction, highlighting the significance of proactive sewage management.

Under normal circumstances, the commercial sewage from their toilets, kitchens, and bars flows to tanks within the boat. This sewage is then pumped regularly to the mains sewer. Unfortunately, the Thekla pump has recently broken down, which means their commercial sewage tanks are not draining away, causing a great deal of problems.

As commercial sewage is not allowed to be tipped into the sea or any other natural watercourse, it has to be taken to a treatment facility to be properly treated and have the toxins removed.

Thekla contacted us, explained the problem, and requested our help. Once we had a full understanding of all the details, it was agreed that the Thekla nightclub needed 1,000 gallons of commercial sewage removed from the venue each day.

Our commercial sewage removal service would ensure that their tanks always had enough capacity for one night. We are now providing our commercial sewage services tanker to the Thekla boat on a daily basis. Without this commercial sewage service, the Thekla boat would not be able to operate until their sewage pumps have been replaced. That scenario would cause jobs to be lost and partygoers to be left disappointed.

Proper Disposal Protocols for Commercial Sewage

Understanding the regulatory landscape is crucial. Commercial sewage cannot be discharged into natural water bodies. Instead, it must undergo treatment to eliminate toxins. Andersons Waste Management, a key player in environmental compliance, ensures proper disposal with every intervention.

The commercial sewage removed from the boat is taken to our treatment plant to be disposed of in a fully compliant process. Our contract covers the nightclub for only the time they need to repair their equipment. Once the pumps have been replaced, there will be no need for a tanker as the commercial sewage will then be pumped into the mains sewer, which leads directly to the treatment plant.

Environmental Compliance in Bristol's Clean Air Zone

Thekla's location within Bristol's Clean Air Zone, active since 25th November 2022, adds an environmental layer to the narrative.

At Andersons Waste Management, we always keep our fleet up to date with brand new vehicles, so we can take our new tankers into the Clean Air Zone to support all our clients’ commercial sewage disposal needs.

We are at the forefront of the drive to reduce carbon emissions. As soon as there is an opportunity to purchase a new tanker lorry that produces no carbon dioxide emissions, we will be buying one. Sadly, the technology isn’t quite there yet. The aim is for Andersons to be carbon net zero as soon as possible.

For businesses seeking reliable and environmentally conscious sewage solutions, the Thekla boat case highlights the importance of proactive sewage management. Andersons Waste Management's dedication to compliance, technology updates, and carbon neutrality positions us as industry leaders.

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