Leachate & Effluent Drainage & Removal

Leachate & Effluent Drainage & Removal

Andersons provide leachate and effluent drainage and removal services throughout Bristol, Swindon, Cardiff, Newport, Bath and Gloucester areas.

Drainage, Removal & Safe Disposal of Leachate & Effluent

Andersons Waste Management Ltd address these harmful liquids by undertaking the removal of landfill leachate waste and industrial effluent.

This is followed by its safe transfer to a designated disposal facility, possessing the requisite licenses, for thorough and appropriate treatment.

Our stringent procedure has been specially developed to ensure that all the harmful liquids are safely collected and transported to the appropriate treatment plants to be processed.

We operate our own fleet of vacuum tankers ranging from 2,000-gallon rigid tankers to 6,000-gallon articulated lorries that can cope with all types of leachate and effluent waste.

The clearly defined process includes:

  • Leachate & Effluent Collection
  • Leachate & Effluent Transport
  • Leachate & Effluent Treatment
  • Leachate & Effluent Disposal or Reuse

What is Leachate and effluent?

Leachate waste emerges as a liquid resulting from the infiltration of water through refuse within landfill sites, engaging in chemical reactions with decaying matter along the way.

Within this aqueous concoction lie substantial threats to both public health and environmental integrity, resulting from the microorganisms and hazardous compounds it harbours, which can include ammonia and nitrogen.

Effluent refers to any liquid waste or discharge that flows out from industrial processes, sewage systems, or agricultural activities into the environment.

This can include wastewater from factories, sewage treatment plants, or runoff from agricultural fields containing fertilizers and pesticides.

How are leachate and effluent harmful?

Both leachate and effluent are harmful due to their ability to introduce pollutants into the environment, posing risks to ecosystems, human health, and wildlife. Efforts to properly manage and treat these wastes are essential to minimize their environmental and health impacts.

The impacts leachate and effluent can cause include:


  • Chemical Contamination
  • Toxicity
  • Eutrophication


  • Pollution
  • Health Risks
  • Bioaccumulation

Monitoring & Compliance to Leachate & Effluent Removal & Disposal

Andersons’ processes fully adhere to all the Regulatory requirements as stated by the Environment Agency (EA) in England. These oversee the management of leachate and effluent to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and standards.

This includes monitoring of discharge points, effluent quality, and environmental impact assessments to safeguard public health and the environment.

Local South West coverage

  • Bristol Leachate Removal & Disposal
  • Bristol Effluent Removal & Disposal
  • Swindon Leachate Removal & Disposal
  • Swindon Effluent Removal & Disposal
  • Cardiff & Newport Leachate Removal & Disposal
  • Cardiff & Newport Effluent Removal & Disposal
  • Bath Leachate Removal & Disposal
  • Bath Effluent Removal & Disposal
Leachate & Effluent Removal & Disposal Coverage Areas

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