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Septic Tank, Treatment Plants & Cesspool Emptying

Residentail septic tanks, cesspools or treatment plants need to be emptied on a regular basis, this will avoid any costly bills down the line. The Environment Agency recommends that septic tanks are pumped out on a yearly basis. Regular pumping can help reduce blockages, smells, soak away problems and the risk of the tank overflowing.

  • Septic Tank Pumping Reminder Service: Why not take advantage of our reminder service. If you would like your tank emptied on a 6-monthly or yearly basis, our systems allow us to set reminders to contact you when your clearance is due, taking all the stress away.
  • Booking Your Clearance is Easy: Complete our enquiry form or call direct on 01454 222888. Most clearances are completed within 48 hours of booking, if you have an urgent requirement, please let us know and we will do our best to provide same day emergency tankering.
  • Rural Septic Tank Emptying: Private septic tanks, treatment plants and cesspools are commonly found in rural areas. Andersons tanker fleet includes various size vehicles to accommodate all domestic properties. We can take group and neighbour bookings for added discounts.
  • Friendly Advice: We offer a fast, friendly, professional, and reliable service for customers who depend on us to help with problems associated with private drainage. Some customers simply need advice from the experts in domestic sewage collections and sewage systems.
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Cost effective local residential septic tank, sewage treatment plant and cesspit emptying, cleaning and pumping services.

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95% of all sewage collections are fully treated and returned into the river Avon perfectly clean and environmentally safe.

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We provide an end to end septic tank and cesspit emptying and waste treatment service, making our prices are lower.

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How a Septic Tank Really Works?

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For local domestic Septic Tank Emptying in Bristol, Swindon, Bath, Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester and Cheltenham areas, complete the form below or call 01454 222 888.

Septic Tank Pumping

If you have a septic tank, treatment plant or cesspool at your home, please remember that it needs to be emptied on a regular basis. The Environment Agency recommends tanks are emptied at least every year to ensure they don’t damage the environment. This can help reduce the risk of overflowing tanks, blockages, soak-away problems and sometimes smells!

Often sewage treatment plant systems need emptying more frequently as there could be problems associated with the soakaway system.

Why you need to get your septic tank or domestic treatment plant sludge emptied every year

By emptying your septic tank once per year will help to reduce the risk of blockages and damages which can be very expensive and time consuming to fix. The cost of emptying and cleaning a septic tank can cost £180 - £280 but to fix or replace a septic tank will cost between £10,000 and £20,000. So having the septic tank emptied every year is a bit like insurance.

The guidance from the Environment agency is to empty the tank once per year to ensure no environmental contamination or damage is caused. If septic tanks are malfunctioning then there could be a leak which causes damage to the surrounding environment.

By emptying the septic tank once per year you can reduce the smells emanating from the tank. If there is a large quantity of sludge within the tank then there will be smells. However, if it is emptied and cleaned out regularly then there shouldn’t be any smells.

Nobody wants their house toilets and baths to be blocked or backed up with foul smelling waste. If aseptic tank becomes too full of sludge then it may prevent new waste from entering the septic tank which causes your pipes to block and therefore waste will back up into your house.