Commercial Waste Oil Disposal for Ships & Boats

Ships often use sea water to act as ballast. If the ship is working well then the crew can release the clean sea water back into the sea when they want to raise the ship. However, if that sea water becomes contaminated with commercial waste oil then the water can no longer go back into the sea. In this scenario the ship’s crew will need to engage a commercial waste oil disposal company to dispose of the sea water contaminated with commercial waste oil. 

How to dispose of commercial waste oil?

When a company has any liquid waste that becomes contaminated with commercial waste oil it is crucial that this waste doesn’t enter the natural environment as it can be extremely polluting. If you have to dispose of commercial waste oil then you need to ensure it is taken away and the surrounding area is cleaned properly by professionally trained individuals. Waste oil needs to be disposed of in a waste treatment plant where all toxins can be removed properly therefore ensuring no pollution escapes into the watercourse. Commercial waste oil needs to be taken away in a tanker which can be provided by several companies.

Case Study – Osprey Shipping Waste Oil / Sea Water Disposal

Andersons Waste Management took an emergency call from Osprey Shipping based in Bristol Dock Yard. They called to report that a hydraulic pipe had split within the ship’s hull. The hull was full of sea water to lower the ballast and now, due to the oil leak, this sea water couldn’t be pumped back out to the sea due to contamination and threat to marine life. We reacted quickly to the customers requirement and had an emergency tanker onsite within 2 hours and a team of operatives to support and clean. Upon arrival we were directed to the barge and provided with their relevant health and safety requirements. Our team then kitted up with life jackets and PPE to board the barge safely and pump 78 tonnes of water contaminated with oil. After collecting all the oil into our tankers, we took it to the oil recovery disposal point. After the waste was removed, we washed down the area with a high powered jetter to ensure the area was clean and free from any contaminants. 

Andersons Waste Management is based in Avonmouth which means we are ideally positioned to help with any liquid waste problems that arise at the Bristol Port, Bristol Marina or any other ports and marinas near Bristol. We also go to Newport and Cardiff when customers have problems. We operate 24/7 so we can always be on hand to help in emergencies and out of our work. We have our own waste treatment plant which can take certain types of liquid waste and it can also be opened when other water treatment plants are closed. Sadly we can’t take any commercial waste oils into our treatment plant but we do know where to take oils and we will do so as part of our duty of care. We provide Waste Transfer Notices to all our clients to provide security that all waste has been disposed of in a compliant manner.

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