Event Liquid Waste Collection

Event Liquid Waste Collection

The event management industry generates a substantial amount of waste; this waste comes in various forms. Liquid waste and sewage waste can constitute a significant portion of the overall waste that needs to be removed from the site.

As can be expected from the large number of people attending a festival, there is a vast amount of liquid waste and sewage waste that needs to be collected and properly treated and disposed of. This liquid waste is generated by many different sources, predominantly from toilets, showers, bars, and kitchens.

Naturally, this wastewater cannot be discharged into the local watercourse as it would be highly polluting to the natural environment.

Andersons Liquid Waste provide essential Festival and Event Toilet & Liquid Waste Emptying Services.

What Happens to Liquid Waste Generated at Events?

Throughout the event, the liquid waste is stored in very large steel containers underground. Our tanker lorries then arrive at the venue when required to remove this liquid waste. Due to a range of accessibility problems that can be present at festivals, it can be difficult to get large tanker lorries into live events.

However, event organisers often leave some roads clear to provide easy access for emergency services like ambulances and liquid waste disposal.

Once the liquid waste is collected in our tanker, it is transported to the nearest sewage treatment plant where it will pass through a series of rigorous treatment processes to remove all the toxins, contaminants, and impurities. After passing through these systems, the water is released into the watercourse as clean, fresh water with no risk of causing any pollution.

Experienced Liquid Waste Collection Services

Andersons Liquid Waste Management, Bristol are highly experienced in providing liquid waste collection services for large-scale events across the UK. We have sent several 6000-gallon articulated lorries to Glastonbury Festival both during and after the event. We have also supported the event organisers at other events including:

  • Love Saves the Day – Bristol
  • Bristol Balloon Fiesta
  • Tokyo World Festival – Bristol
  • Events at the Downs – Bristol
  • Bristol Harbour Festival

Planning for Liquid Waste Removal

Event organisers usually contact us to book their liquid waste removal requirements well in advance, which allows us to prepare for the irregular hours of event work. For example, at some events, vehicle movements are not allowed during the day due to the size of the crowds, so we have to come at night or very early in the morning when the festivalgoers are sleeping.

Emergency Liquid Waste Collection Services

We understand that unforeseen emergencies can occur, such as heavy rain. This can result in the need for more tankers at short notice to remove excess rainwater. The Andersons team will always help whenever possible. We are on call 24/7 and can frequently assist with any emergency liquid waste collections.

If you find yourself in this predicament, please call us on 01454 222888, and we will do our best to manage any liquid waste collections you may need.

Additionally, we have our own waste treatment plant that can handle certain types of liquid waste and can be opened when other waste treatment plants are closed.

Book Domestic & Commercial Liquid Waste Removal Services

For local domestic Septic Tank Emptying or Commercial Waste Liquid removal services in Bristol, Swindon, Bath, Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester and Cheltenham areas, complete the form below or call 01454 222 888.