Maximising Efficiency & Sustainability with Commercial Wastewater Solutions

If you have any commercial wastewater or commercial sewage that needs disposing, then you will need to dispose of it correctly. Examples of commercial wastewater include rainwater, dairy washings, leachate and brewery waste. All commercial wastewater and sewage need to be taken to a treatment plant where it is properly treated and the toxins are removed from it. Due to its liquid nature commercial wastewater can only be transported in a tanker lorry. Tanker Lorries vary in size from 700 gallons of capacity to 6,000gallons. 

Why use a wastewater collection service?

If you have any commercial wastewater then call a commercial wastewater service company who will arrange to send a suitably sized tanker which will collect the waste and take it to a treatment plant to be disposed of in a compliant manner. As climate change increases the incidence of storms and heavy rain there is increased risk of large downpours falling on your site which if you don’t have storm drains, can lead to flooding and a build-up of commercial wastewater. 

A recent case study at Andersons Waste Management involved a national house builder who is currently building 30 houses near Chippenham The customer has built a lot of the houses already but there are still lots to be built. But some of the vital infrastructure like the storm drains and house drains are not connected to the relevant mains sewers just yet. This means that all the commercial wastewater on site (rainwater, shower water, dishwasher water, washing machine water, sewage etc) has to be collected in tanks onsite and then taken away to be treated as it is not allowed to enter the water course. 

The customer called the Andersons Waste Management office and told us about the problem and asked us for a solution. After hearing all the details and taking samples of the commercial wastewater we came up with a solution. We arranged to send a 3,000-gallon tanker to their site twice a week to take away the commercial wastewater in their tank. When it rains heavily the tanker goes in for an extra visit to ensure the customer is kept happy. The tanker driver then takes the commercial wastewater to a local waste treatment plant where it is properly treated and the toxins are removed. Once the water has been fully treated the pure and clean water is released back into the watercourse. The result of this is that the house builder has a compliant site that is not waterlogged with rainwater, no commercial wastewater is getting into the watercourse and the sewage from the houses is being taken away and treated properly. The solution detailed above helps to keep our rivers, streams and wildlife safe from commercial wastewater. 

Andersons Waste Management can take care of the transport and disposal of your commercial wastewater and sewage in a cost effective, compliant and efficient manner. Please give us a call on 01454 222888 and we can discuss your commercial wastewater solutions. We are fast and efficient at solving any wet waste problem.

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