Navigating Commercial Liquid Waste Disposal Responsibilities – Bath Racecourse

Navigating Commercial Liquid Waste Disposal Responsibilities – Bath Racecourse

All businesses have commercial liquid waste disposal responsibilities that are unavoidable and strictly enforced by law. No commercial wastewater or sewage is allowed into the watercourse, so any business that produces such waste is obliged to dispose of it in a compliant manner. Most businesses are connected to the mains sewer system, which can take care of most wastes, such as sewage. However, many businesses and venues across the country are not connected to the sewer network and therefore have a legal responsibility for commercial waste disposal.

Who has commercial waste disposal responsibilities?

A prime example of the need to take responsibility for commercial waste disposal is the events industry. It is well known that these events produce a large amount of commercial waste that requires disposal. This is due to many events using greenfield sites that have no mains drainage connection. This leaves the event organiser with large commercial waste disposal responsibilities. Events such as flower shows, car shows, agricultural shows, and festivals have thousands of people on-site for several days using temporary infrastructure—all of which need to be disposed of responsibly. This waste can include toilet waste, catering waste, kitchen waste, and water-feature waste.

Example of Commercial Waste Disposal

An example of this type of event is Bath Racecourse, which has no mains drainage on-site. The venue hosts a wide range of events in addition to horse racing, such as Christmas parties, weddings, charitable events, a Covid vaccine centre, and many other types of events. During each event, their customers produce an enormous amount of commercial waste, which needs to be disposed of responsibly.

Knowing they required a reliable commercial waste disposal company to support their events, they contacted us for help. All their sewage and commercial wastewater flows into large holding tanks on-site, which need emptying after each event to prevent them from overflowing. Any overflow would pollute the surrounding areas and watercourse.

After our initial discussions, which included understanding all the details and locations of their tanks, we arranged to send two artic tankers on the days after their events. The tankers were able to remove up to 12,000 gallons of waste at a time. Once collected, we take this waste to our waste treatment facility, where it is properly treated and disposed of. This process ensures that the racecourse doesn’t become waterlogged, the hospitality areas have capacity in their storage tanks, and the venue complies with Environment Agency laws.

Liquid Waste Removal in Bath

For businesses and events in Bath, liquid waste removal is a crucial service to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and maintain a clean and safe venue. At Andersons Waste Management, we specialise in liquid waste removal in Bath, providing tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. Whether it’s for a large event like those at Bath Racecourse or smaller gatherings, our range of tankers ensures efficient and effective waste management.

Custom Solutions for All Sizes of Events

If your event is smaller than Bath Racecourse and produces less waste, don’t worry. We can send a smaller tanker, which will help to reduce the price you pay for your commercial waste disposal.

At Andersons Waste Management, we have a wide range of tankers available to best suit different customers' needs. This range of disposal tankers helps to ensure we can take care of all your commercial waste disposal responsibilities. The smallest is a 2,000-gallon tanker, and the largest is a 6,000-gallon articulated tanker.

Why Choose Andersons Waste Management?

All our tankers and highly experienced drivers are fully compliant and can take care of all your commercial waste disposal responsibilities.

We understand that not all businesses and events run to a standard working day, so we can send tankers during the day or at night if it makes your event run more smoothly.

By choosing Andersons Waste Management, you are ensuring reliable and efficient service, compliance with environmental laws, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your liquid waste is being handled responsibly.

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